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Outside General CounselA good lawyer knows the intricacies of process, procedure, and precedent in their area of practice. A great one combines this knowledge with a more global perspective.

Justine Fanarof brings together decades of legal, mediation, and business consulting experience with a unique point of view honed through a lifetime of heart-centered, people-oriented advocacy work to holistically serve her legal clientele as outside general counsel.

Many non-profits, start-ups, and emerging companies need legal assistance, but do not want to hire in-house counsel. Even the most mature businesses can lack the legal workflow to justify retaining full-time general counsel. For these companies, Justine’s Outsourced General Counsel solution can be an excellent option. In this role, Justine handles a variety of issues in a cost-effective manner.

Fanarof Law provides corporate, administrative, and general counsel services on an as-needed basis for small to medium sized non-profit and for-profit businesses in the Houston area. Justine takes a personal interest in your business and handles all of your legal matters with the utmost care and efficiency.

Outside General Counsel Services:

  • Initial Business & Structure: Plan, process, and file incorporating documents (for and non-profit corporations)
  • Daily & Ongoing Operational: Strategic advice, lateral thinking skills, and legal sounding board for entrepreneurs and creatives, draft agreements and contracts, support entrepreneurship and complete the preparation and filing of complex government forms, processes and procedures, negotiate terms and conditions and support the development and purpose of your human resources
  • Concierge Law: Your trusted personal advisor
  • Corporate Governance: Board of director and shareholder resolutions, directors’ meetings, shareholder meetings and minutes
  • Employment Matters: Hiring, retaining, training, termination and employee handbooks
  • Government Relations
  • Mediation: In-house and ongoing
  • Outside Specialist Support: Trusted network and guidance in education, employment, entertainment, education, hospitality, intellectual property, mediation/dispute resolution and technology.
  • Sophisticated Transactions: Manage, anticipate and oversee
  • Special Projects Counsel: Nuance, privacy and creativity in project vision, management and implementation

Work with Justine

The core of Justine Fanarof’s Outside General Counsel work is transactional and business related. If a client needs a referral for litigation, Fanarof Law will work with trial lawyers, criminal defense attorneys, and appellate advocates for both state and federal cases to ensure all of your legal issues are handled by the appropriate practitioners.

Justine has worked with many corporations, universities, non-profits, and religious institutions, including:


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