Medicine, like law, is an intensely intellectual, highly competitive, at times adversarial, study and practice driven professions, with high burnout rates and customer service/externally facing aspects. While historically the hierarchy in medicine has worked against the idea of self-care and wellbeing, many medical employers and schools are recognizing the need to focus on the health and wellness of their staff and students.

Justine Fanarof, JD, MPH, works with clinics, hospital systems, practices and schools to establish mindfulness and meditation-based wellness programs. Based on evidence-based research in mindfulness, the programs Justine creates can support a healthy way of being for medical professionals, giving them access simple and present tools to support relaxation and release of anxiety and stress. Mindfulness can also create an awareness of behavior patterns, offering people the chance to change destructive patterns in their professional and personal lives.

Individual and group workshops, as well as ongoing trainings are available for the physicians and staff at your organization. Please also see our Commitment to Accessibility. Contact Justine today to set up a consultation.

Uniquely You: Eating Well. Living Well.

Justine has worked with many corporations, universities, non-profits, and religious institutions, including:


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