Mindful Law FirmJustine Fanarof, PLLC teaches lawyers and law firm employees how to bring mindfulness and yoga to their work and into their lives. Aligned with the mission and vision of the ABA’s Wellness Pledge, Justine partners with her clients to reduce stress and improve well-being in the legal field through her Mindful Law Firm™ programs.

Lawyers remember “IRAC” as a formula for legal analysis. Justine Fanarof, PLLC offers a riff on “IRAC” that supports lawyers in a daily practice of balanced physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Justine Fanarof, JD, MPH practices yoga and mindfulness-based-meditation, and has over two decades of extensive experience teaching such practices to lawyers in the Houston, Texas area. Justine understands that the art of being a lawyer requires intensity, patience, discipline, and practice. Her tailored approach offers a short and accessible practice that yields wellness, support, and ease to those that incorporate it into their lives.

Justine teaches law firms to understand the science of mindfulness and meditation, and how that science correlates to well-being. She uses gentle yoga stretches and practical breathing exercises throughout her workshops. She teaches law firm employees practices for incorporating mindfulness into challenging situations with difficult people.

Mindful Law Firm™ programs are informed by research, awareness of the body and brain, including Justine’s work as a yoga and mindfulness teacher. The programs explain how stress affects the body over time and provide adaptable practices for attendees to use in their daily lives to increase awareness and focus, creativity, and joy.

While there has been an uptick in law firms, law schools, and courts around the country embracing the mission of creating better environments for legal professionals, significant work remains to be done. Justine’s wellness programs work to identify paths to support individuals dealing with substance abuse issues and other mental health concerns that are rampant in the legal profession, like depression, stress, and anxiety.

Individual and group workshops, as well as ongoing trainings are available for the lawyers and staff at your law firm.

Justine has worked with many corporations, universities, non-profits, and religious institutions, including:


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