Corporate WellnessAn employee wellness program is no longer a far-fetched dream, but a necessary business strategy on multiple levels. Corporate wellness means more than just providing a discount on gym memberships or bringing in a nutritional coach. To achieve true well-being, businesses need to address emotional, social, mental, and environmental factors as well as physical health issues. And, since every company’s culture and goals are different, the definition of wellness can vary substantially from business to business.

To better support the vital role each individual plays in the proper functioning of society and in the workplace, Justine incorporates holistic practices designed to reduce substance use, mental health distress, as well as to improve the overall well-being and long-term health of employees. Through customized programs and solutions, she works with each organization to improve employee engagement and performance, attract and retain top talent, increase job satisfaction, and reduce stress.

A teacher of yoga and mindfulness since 2004, and a practicing lawyer with a Masters in Public Health, Justine Fanarof’s own experiences as a law student and lawyer have brought her deep awareness of the tragic reality of the prevalence of drug abuse, depression, and suicide in the legal profession, in the corporate world, and in society at-large. Armed with both skills and life experience, Justine serves as a corporate wellness consultant for law firms, medical institutions and other businesses across the country. Please also see our Commitment to Accessibility.

How can you better support your people in their journey to wellness? Reach out to Justine for a consultation.

Justine has worked with many corporations, universities, non-profits, and religious institutions, including:


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