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Those who have a thoughtful process and strategy in place – a mindmap for where they want to go and how to get there – tend to have more success, sense of fulfillment, and are more resilient and capable of dealing with life’s uncertainty. As a professional business coach and strategic consultant, Justine Fanarof uses her in-depth legal knowledge, hard-earned business acumen, and mindfulness training to assist individuals and organizations in a creative process of introspection and planning designed to understand core values, achieve goals, manage uncertainty, guard against unforeseen challenges, and discover the changing nature of personal and professional meaning and purpose.

Business Coaching and Strategic Business Consulting

Owners of small businesses are striving to create and/or sustain their companies; and, a business coach helps them achieve this. Justine Fanarof coaches individuals and those who comprise corporate governing structures to improve the effectiveness, culture, and environment of their business. She uses her signature, research-based process called Organizational Introspection ™ to support this collaborative work.

As a business coach, Justine helps business owners and non-profit managers gain clarity and focus in their thinking while providing helpful, honest, and actionable feedback. She offers positive support as business owners set goals, track business performance, and make strategic decisions in order to achieve measurable results as quickly as possible while building sustainable, scalable processes. Business coaching is thought provoking, introspective, and creative – and often reveals far more than just a need for a procedure manual.

Most business owners began their companies because they have passion and/or have identified market opportunity; however, growth-oriented entities must move toward a more strategic approach that promotes growth. The pressures and stresses of running a business can make an owner or director feel lonely. Working with a neutral third party consultant brings fresh perspective to existing issues and identifies issues an owner may not even know exist.

Personal Coaching

Justine additionally works with clients to address issues of a more personal nature, such as finding career fulfillment, meaning in life, and maintaining an appropriate work-life balance. Her years of experience running her own businesses, helping others run theirs, and doing her own personal growth work inform her collaborative, creative, and insightful approach.

Justine has worked with non-profits, community groups, political organizations, government officials, yoga and meditation teachers, medical professionals, aviation professionals, and legal industry leaders, consulting on a wide range of topics from mindfulness and wellness to business planning and work-life balance. As the legal field continues to grow increasingly competitive, individual lawyers and law firms have and will continue to turn to coaching for insight and support, and to gain resources and a broader understanding of potential and possibility.

Houston Business & Personal Coaching and Consulting with Justine Fanarof

Are you a business owner seeking to improve employee wellbeing and productivity while keeping overhead costs down, and in light of the myriad challenges around COVID-19, maintain workplace satisfaction? Do you run a non-profit and find yourself stressed and unable to balance your personal life with your mission-driven work? Are you a highly skilled professional interested in creating a fulfilling life more grounded in passion and purpose? Attorney, public health advocate, and expert yoga and mindfulness instructor Justine Fanarof can help, so reach out today to learn more about how we can work together.

Mindful Life Mind Map

Justine has worked with many corporations, universities, non-profits, and religious institutions, including:


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